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“I hired Shana to help me through a difficult divorce involving children. She displayed a tremendous amount of knowledge and patience through the entire process and I am completely satisfied with the results. Before every step that was taken she took the time to let me know what everything means and what would most likely happen, and was 100% accurate in doing so. I will continue to recommend her to everyone and use her again when needed!” - Anonymous, 2019


“I will be retaining Ms. Curti's services for all of my child support/family court cases in the future. She is as sharp as they come, is laser-focused and is excellent in the art of, and nuance required for successful negotiation (in my last court case she negotiated a $4000 bill down to $650 and (more importantly for me) she negotiated an agreement where myself and my family would no longer have to worry about being harassed, which is something we had been dealing with steadily for eighteen years). I have an enormous amount of experience with the family court system - I've had countless attorneys in the past who have simply dropped the ball, that I was forced to get educated as much as I could on family law just to protect myself. Well...that has all changed now. Every question, scenario or concern I raised about my case, Shana had an answer for. More importantly, they turned out to be the RIGHT answers. I can't rave enough about her knowledge and skillset - and again, I'm speaking from 18 years of experience in dealing with different attorneys. My only regret is not knowing about, and hiring her YEARS ago. Thank you for everything, Shana!” - Jonathan, 2019


“I was very happy with Shana as my lawyer. She was very patient with me and we were able to settle the case with the outcome that was best for my daughter.” - Danielle, 2018


“I used Shana for the legal separation and eventually the divorce process! She made everything clear and simple for us. A true professional. I highly recommend Shana for your legal services.” - Christian, 2019


“Shana Curti has been my attorney for over 5 years. She has always been honest with me and my situation. Always makes time for me and calms me. With her expertise and caring ways, has gotten me thru some of the most toughest times of my life. I always recommend her to my friends and family. I am very lucky to have her in my corner.” - Kirstin, 2015


“Shana Curti represented me in my divorce and was also by my side during my child support battle as well as fighting for my children's education. Not only is Ms. Curti knowledgeable, patient and dedicated she is also detail oriented and always on point. Her professionalism and genuine concern was what helped me stay positive and hopeful throughout the entire process. I am grateful to Ms. Curti for her services and for helping…” - Donna, 2015


“Shana was referred to me by a friend of mine who also used her for a divorce. Having children and getting divorced is an emotionally taxing process - one that I don't think anyone can every be fully prepared for. I consulted with other lawyers before I met Shana but felt that her competency and knowledge outweighed the other attorneys. I also felt very comfortable with her right away which was important to me as I felt like I was putting...” - Marianne, 2015


“I have not only used Ms. Curti's services but have referred her out to numerous friends, all were very happy with her services. She is extremely knowledgeable and level headed and made me feel confident in the process and put any fears I had to rest. I highly recommend Ms. Curti and her firm. She is reliable, trustworthy and I felt like I had a hand to hold every step of the way. Not only will you be satisfied but I am willing to bet you will refer her out.” - Cheryl, 2015


"Shana has always made herself available at any given time. She’s thorough in her work and very pleasant to speak with. Shana handled my divorce and was able to get what was good for my children. Few years later, currently I am in a custody issue and I'm very concerned for my child's well being. Shana's expertise and knowledge has helped me and guided me through this process. She is not like most attorneys who try to make a buck off of you. She works with you, not against you. I highly recommend her for her exceptional knowledge, expertise, and years of practice." – Maria, 2014


“Dear Steve and Shana, Thank you for all you have done to prepare our Will and Trust. It is such a relief that it finally finished. We have procrastinated for years, and now we can rest in peace. Your professionalism was greatly appreciated. Our minds are at ease.” – F.K. and A.K., 2015


“Thank you for getting me through one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through in my life.  You are truly a blessing to me.  May you be blessed in all you do.” – J.R., Sept. 2014


“I found Shana to be extremely competent and trustworthy. After interviewing 3 other lawyers I felt that she would have the focus and knowledge for my needs. She was very thorough and answered every one of my concerns. I highly recommend her.” – Michael., June. 2015


“Shana Curti represented me in my divorce and was also by my side during my child support battle as well as fighting for my children's education. Not only is Ms. Curti knowledgeable, patient and dedicated she is also detail oriented and always on point. Her professionalism and genuine concern was what helped me stay positive and hopeful throughout the entire process. I am grateful to Ms. Curti for her services and for helping to secure my children's future. I have referred many people to Ms. Curti and I will continue to highly recommend her to anyone in need of legal services.” – Donna., June. 2015


“Thanks again for helping me get through an extremely challenging year.  Here’s to 2009!” – P.S., Dec. 2008


“I’m having a good week! – in part thanks to you for helping me move on.  I just need to learn the word ‘balance’.” – P.S., Nov. 2008


“You are the best!!  Thank you for all you have done for us!” – M.C. & Family


“Thanks for all your help!  I couldn’t have done it without you!” – M.K.,


“Thank you, Steve, for everything! With love and respect.” – L.H., 2005


“Thank you so much for all you are doing for me.  You’ve made this whole process so much easier for me because I know how hard you are working, and I find it so easy to talk to you, which helps to try to ease the stress for me.  I really admire your honesty and your dedication.  You are helping me to have a better future.  For your future, I wish you all good things: health, happiness, love, and prosperity.” – A.H.


“Dear Stephen – I want to thank you for all your hard work on my case.  It was a pleasure to work with you.  I wish the best for you.  If you are ever in Florida, please come visit with us for a few days.” – M.G.


“Thanks again for a job well done!” – M.P. and A.P., Nov. 2011


“Thanks for all you have done for my mother – you’re the best!” – E.M.


“Thank you for the great job you did for me.” – R.F.


“I want to thank you for all of your legal work.  I thank you on my behalf and that of my family during what has been a very difficult time.” – L.C.


“I’m glad you were on top of things and had all the right answers when I spoke with you last…Thanks for your hard work and good efforts.” – P.S., April 2009


“Send me some business cards so I can give them to my friends and family.  Thank you for all your help!” – M.C., June 2007


“Thank you for handling my case with outstanding efficiency and professionalism.  Please accept the enclosed for a job so well done.” – A.C., May 2009


“Thank you Mr. Orsetti for your help.” – E.K., April 2012


“Thanks so much for all your help, guidance, and of course, patience!” – L.R. and E.H., Oct. 2012


“You did a GREAT job!  Thanks for all you have done.  We really appreciate it.” – L.V., July 2008


“Thanks for all your help.  We’ve found our lawyer for the family!” – L.V.


“Just want to let you know I think you are amazing.  Thank you for all that you have done.  Your efforts will be greatly rewarded.  We are indebted to you, but more we are grateful and appreciative.” – D.D.


“You’ve been so kind and patient with me – you’ll never truly know how much it means to me.  You’re helping me to move on with my life in a big way!  If only you had been my lawyer from the start!  I guess I have to chalk it off to one more lesson I’ve learned in life.” – P.S.


“Thank you for all you have done to help me and my family.  I know my parents couldn’t have settled everything regarding my grandma without you.” – J.S.


“Thank you for all your help this past year!” – E.S. & N.S.

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